Wood Flooring Trends 2020

The Smartwood Style Guide

Welcome, wood flooring lovers! In this post we’re going to discuss some of the year’s best wood flooring trends for your home or commercial space. The modern wood floor revolution continued in 2020. It seems like every year there is more demand for this classic flooring solution. Per usual, Smartwood remains at the cutting edge of the wood flooring industry. Let us explore some of the best wood flooring trends you can achieve with Smartwood.

Wood Flooring Colors

In recent years, homeowners and designers alike have begun to opt for bolder color choices for their wood floors. Here at Smartwood, we have a massive resource library of color options for you to consider. Let’s discover some of this year’s hottest color choices!

Light & Luxurious

The days of dark wood flooring are mostly behind us. While the dark look can succeed, in recent years it has begun to look dated. For your next flooring project, consider the lighter side of the spectrum. A light wood floor can make a space feel bigger and definitely brighter.

Smartwood's Pick
light wood floor

Gorgeous in Gray

One of our favorite color trends from the last year has been the resurgence of gray wood floors. A beautiful gray floor will provide a flexible foundation for the design of almost any space. With gray, you can achieve both an aged and rustic look or a clean and modern vibe.

Smartwood's Pick

Homey with Honey

This year we’ve been absolutely loving the warmth and timelessness of honey-colored wood. This family of colors will not only fit with many design choices, but will remain in vogue for years to come.

Smartwood's Pick
honey wood floor

Wood Flooring Finishes

In 2020 we’ve seen a big resurgence in textured finishes. Many homeowners going for a rustic look are opting for new wood floors with a custom finish to replicate the natural aging process. Here at Smartwood, we can customize finishes to your exact specifications. Whether its wire-brushing, hand-scraping or saw-texturing, we can make it happen to fit your vision.

Wood Flooring Patterns

One of our favorite trends this year has been the continued use of patterns. Instead of a traditional end-to-end installation, more homeowners and hospitality developers are opting for amazing and unique options. Let’s take a look!

basket weave floor

Basket Weave

This traditional variation on parquet flooring has been one of this year’s favorites. A beautifully executed basket weave will add depth and texture to your space. This style is definitely more retro than modern. That being said, with the right design choices this pattern can elevate almost any space.


The Herringbone pattern is one of the most beautiful and well-known when it comes to wood flooring. It is also one of the oldest, with the pattern first being used on wood floors in the 16th century. A herringbone wood floor will lend a touch of elegance and class to your space, as well as adding excellent texture.

herringbone floor
chevron floor


The Chevron pattern is a bold and striking variation on the classic herringbone layout. Instead of straight edged boards finishing at right angles, they are cut at an angle to create this beautiful effect. They may not be for everyone, but a chevron patterned wood floor will definitely set your space apart.


Perhaps 2020’s biggest wood flooring trend is sustainability. As we learn more and more about our species’ impact on our planet, consumers continue to choose products with higher sustainability scores. Consider how much wood is required for traditional solid wood boards, then check out the composition of a board of Smartwood:

To begin with, our premium wood surface layer is sliced rather than sawed. This eliminates sawdust and allows us to make more boards from the same piece of wood. Next, Smartwood is anchored by our patented Compositile base. This is made from about 75% recycled material. Smartwood uses roughly 80% less wood than solid boards. This makes our product a much more sustainable flooring option.

For industry reports on wood flooring’s impact on the economy and environment, please refer to the National Wood Flooring Association.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the different wood flooring trends we’ve noticed in 2020. Now its time to begin your custom hardwood flooring journey!