Define Your Goal


At the beginning of your design journey, it is crucial to conceptualize the end goal. Consideration must be given to the space, relationships and energy you are looking to achieve.

Make Your First Impression


Floors are often the initial tactile impression people have of a home. Give your clients the unparalleled experience provided by timeless wood floors enhanced with all the modern advantages.

Create Custom Energy


In this day and age, every facet of our life is customized – from our phones and our clothing to our schedules. Why should your client’s space be any different? Smartwood flooring provides a precisely tailored foundation for a curated, custom home.

Why Smartwood?


Smartwood flooring looks as good as it feels. Our floors maintain the same high-quality appearance as solid wood.


Our wood floors are built to last. Every piece is specially treated to be scratch resistant and perfect for high-traffic areas.


Wood flooring provides a clean, nonallergenic experience that is simply impossible to achieve with carpeted floors.


With many wood selections available, there is a Smartwood for every space. From classic to contemporary, we've got it covered.


Our proprietary wood flooring is available in a variety of widths and lengths to fit any space and project.


Our Compositile base allows heat transfer and temperature change without warping, making Smartwood perfect for any climate.

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