Your Custom Hardwood Flooring

There are many options when selecting flooring material for use in your home or commercial space. Tile and carpeting are popular because they are easy to install and create a basic look. In contrast, the beauty and allure of custom hardwood flooring stand alone. As a result, wood floors are perfect for higher-end and luxury projects.

There are different types of wood flooring, and all wood flooring is not created equal. The majority of companies sell product that falls into two groups; Solid and Engineered. Now we will briefly explore what these wood flooring types entail.

Solid Wood

Solid wood flooring is the more self-explanatory option of the two. This type of floor is made up of traditional wooden boards installed in their entirety. Solid wood flooring provides a natural, classic look. Unfortunately, solid wood flooring is very volatile when it comes to temperature change, expansion and warping because of its natural composition.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring begins to introduce even more technological differences. As a result, layers of cheaper wood support a thin top layer of the desired hardwood because this creates a more durable foundation. This provides a similar appearance as solid wood floors at a lower price point.

Please refer to the National Wood Flooring Association for more information on the different types of custom hardwood flooring.

The Smartwood Difference

Smartwood stands alone when it comes to functionality and durability. This is because of its unique construction and innovative materials. Also, Smartwood’s beautiful and customizable appearance looks better and will last longer than traditional wood finishes. Our product is a creative designer’s dream.

About Smartwood

Smartwood employs a number of technological advancements to create a more durable, better looking wood floor. As a result, this creates the finest custom hardwood flooring available today. Explore these innovations below.


Patented DiamondTech™

DiamondTech™ is an industry-leading top finish that protects the wood while preserving its natural beauty.

Natural Wood Surface

We select the finest hardwood species and finishes to ensure that your wood floor will be beautifully built to last.

Patented Compositile Base

Our proprietary base is comprised of 75% recycled material. Tongue & groove profiles lend each Smartwood board the convenience of tile.

Sound Dampening Technology

Smartwood is designed to reduce sound with our patented Smart-Step adhesive and a pre-attached honeycomb rubber base layer.

Now you know about the different types of wood floors and the advantages of Smartwood. Therefore, its time to begin your custom hardwood flooring journey!