The Smartwood Difference: Natural Wood & DiamondTech™

Engineered wood floors are a great choice for use in your home or commercial space. Engineered floors reduce moisture problems, provide added stability, and require less maintenance than their solid wood forefathers. For more on the history and benefits of engineered wood floors please refer to our previous post.

To begin with, let us get on the same page about what exactly engineered wood floors are. The National Wood Flooring Association states that engineered wood floors are “made of real wood, but include multiple layers, with the top layer made of high-quality wood.”

Smartwood takes engineered wood floors a step further. We produce composite engineered wood flooring. Our boards feature a top layer of high-quality hardwood from some of the finest species on earth. The difference is that we do not use plywood or cheap wood layers underneath. The core of Smartwood is a patented and mostly recycled tile substance that we call Compositile.

Best Engineered Wood Floors Surface

Today we are going to focus on the visible components of Smartwood – the natural wood surface and our patented DiamondTech™ protective top layer.

Please refer to the National Wood Flooring Association for more information on the different types of custom hardwood flooring.

Natural Wood

Smartwood begins with a 3mm top layer of natural wood. We only use the finest hardwood species for our boards. We currently offer standard American oak, white oak, white mahogany and hardened walnut with a massive catalog of color possibilities. Moreover, we offer custom color and finish development for unique projects. In addition, our proprietary wood flooring is available in a variety of widths and lengths to fit any space and project.

Best Engineered Wood Floors Wood Layer
DiamondTech Top Layer


Natural wood looks amazing, but is surprisingly delicate when used as a flooring material. We pride ourselves on our patented protective top layer, a veritable shield we call DiamondTech™. We treat each Smartwood board with 11 coats of DiamondTech™. This both protects the wood beneath and preserves its natural beauty. Many protective treatments leave the wood beneath looking dull and plasticky, but not ours. We employ a proprietary texturing process and adjust gloss levels to ensure your wood floor is beautifully built to last. For information on wear and impact test results of DiamondTech™, please refer to our FAQs.

The Power of DiamondTech™

Thanks to its industry-leading protective top coat, Smartwood stands alone when it comes to functionality and durability. DiamondTech™ allows Smartwood to go where traditional wood floors could never.

Smartwood installed in a mall in Australia

custom hardwood flooring 3

The Beach Point Club’s restaurant in New York

The Tavern by WS, a bar / restaurant in NYC

Smartwood installed in a high-traffic lobby area

Another high-traffic mall installation