The following sample is made from Select ​American White Oak​. It is​ made using a true smoking process as well as custom​ colored and protected with our Proprietary DiamondTech coating. This sample is available in various sizes, lengths, textures, gloss levels, and patterns. Please see the specifications below for all your design possibilities. Please feel free to request a sample and upon approval a specific specification sheet for your project.

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Color Code
Commercial and residential applications, please check with Smartwood to make 
sure your wood is fit for its purpose.
Recommended Installations
Glue down application using Smart-Step Quiet walk 
adhesive to any secure cementitious type surface as well as any solid plywood/wood/OSB or tile surface. Wall and ceiling applications using Smart-Step adhesive as well as 18 ga nails. Please check the Smartwood installation instructions prior to installing.
Protective Coating
Sheen levels available from 4% and above upon request. All DiamondTech avg. abrasion results as per ASTM D4060 S-33 smooth finish are approximately 800 rotations.
Oak Janka hardness of 1350 lbf, White Mahogany Janka hardness of 1970 lbf, Hardened walnut Janka of 2470 lbf.
Widths & Lengths
Board widths range from 2-1⁄4” (57mm) to 11-1/4” (285mm) all lengths are 60% to 70% 6’ (1800mm) and 7’(2100mm) lengths with the remainder being random lengths.
Patterns Available
Fixed length Herringbone, Chevron, cubic, basketweave and box basketweave as well as others upon request.
Available veneer thickness from 2mm to 4mm depending on species over our Patented Smartwood Sone/wood compositile base. Pre-attached 1.5mm foam sound reduction layer applied to all flooring unless otherwise noted.
Potential available LEED points: MR 4, MR 6, MR 6/7, IEQ 4.3, IEQ 4.1.
Radiant Heat
225% increase of heat conductivity over standard wood flooring (.29 as opposed to .13).

Our floors are made from 75% recycled material and use about 80% less wood than solid wood flooring.


We cut out the middleman so dealing with Smartwood is dealing directly with the manufacturer.


Our superior product makes for easier installation. That means less downtime and construction headaches.

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