It makes your commercial spaces feel like home

Hospitality and Retail

“Today, with Smartwood’s technology, the use of wood in commercial installations such as hotels, restaurants and retail spaces is now possible!”

The use of real, high quality, wood is more and more prevalent. Hotels, in particular, are having the carpeting removed from their guest rooms for a warmer, cleaner, nonallergenic occupancy. Commercial areas are going back to the classic design of wood, even in clean modern spaces. Traditional solid and engineered wood flooring has its limitations and risks, whether it be from the difficulties involved with construction, seasonal conditions, or normal environmental or on-site moisture levels.

To perform optimally, commercial applications demand more durable woods and top finishes in high traffic areas. The use of these harder woods has been nearly impossible until the advent of Smartwood. Smartwood intelligently combines its patented base substrate with some of the hardest woods in the world and a unique and proprietary top finish coat to make the best wood flooring on the market

See Smartwood’s application below in some of the most demanding commercial applications in the world.

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