The design intent of our professionals is first and foremost.

Designers and Architects

Smartwood prides itself on making our design and architectural professional associations the back bone of our business. Although some of the design firms we work with are the biggest and best in the world, they also understand that design intent is personal and individual and that paying attention to designers of all sizes leads to satisfied designing/architectural decision making.

Personalized sampling, specific sample ID numbers and job-specific specification sheets are all provided through our sales team for an easy and fast ID process. We have 19 standard colors but if you need something not found in our standard colors, sample turnover is usually only two weeks. We provide highly informative, accredited lunch-and-learns as well as non-accredited flexibly timed demonstrations and lectures.

We take great pride in our educated and informative sales staff. All Smartwood sales employees have a background in the industry and also go through extensive weekly training to provide a valuable source of information to our clients.

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